Senior Living: Seniors and Pets – Benefits and Drawbacks

guidedogIf you are just about to retire or you have just retired then you might be able to understand why many retirees want pets. In general pets like cats and dogs offer important companionship for seniors. In fact, numerous studies have shown that owing a pet can help reduce your chance of developing heart disease, improve memory and more. The health advantages of pet ownership for seniors are quite substantial.

Still, anyone who chooses to own a pet must realize that this is a major commitment and the ability to care for a pet also needs to be taken into consideration. Seniors who do not have good health may find it very difficult to care for a pet.

In addition, if you have never owned a pet before then you should do plenty of research about proper pet care before you bring Fido or Fluffy home. Keep in mind that caring for a pet involves a considerable amount of time of energy on a daily basis.

Important Questions To Answer Before Getting A New Pet

If you are a senior who is thinking of getting a pet you must  consider your current health situation first. Are you fit and healthy enough to walk the pet every day? Are you able to give the pet all the love and attention it deserves? What will happen to your pet after you are gone? Will you living situation remain stable and open to having pets? Can you afford financially the costs of having a pet?

These are a few important questions that you need to ask yourself before committing any further. Seniors who find it difficult to care for themselves may find that they simply cannot cope with looking after a pet. On the other hand, if you can take care of yourself and do not have major health problems, then there is a good chance that you have the time to give a pet all that it needs!

Consider Your Schedule As Well As Your Health

People who have pets are not free to come and go as they like. It is virtually impossible to go away for the entire day and leave the cat or the dog shut indoors on its own. Cats and dogs enjoy being played with and dogs in particularly love to be fussed over. If you neglect an animal then this could make the pet unwell. People who neglect their pets could end up being prosecuted. It is important to remember that the pets needs have to be met. Anyone who enjoys spending long periods of time indoors may stand a chance of being a good pet owner.

The Many Benefits of Pet Ownership for Seniors

Besides the health advantages to pet ownership, cats and dogs are loving creatures and they can make life far richer, especially if you live alone. It can be very comforting to have another being in the home, someone to look after and to talk to, and for seniors who live alone a pet can help meet this need. Many seniors miss having another person to take care of, especially people who have looked after their partner for many years. Dogs are known to be loving creatures and they will be eager to return any love you give. In particular dogs make affectionate and loyal pets. They can also provide you with a sense of security. This can change your whole outlook on life; it is good to feel safe in your own home.

If you do decide to adopt a pet, you should be fully prepared for an experience that will change your life forever – in both wonderfully positive and also quite challenging ways!

About Susan Day

Susan Day is a mother to two beautiful daughters and a grandmother to one adorable five year old boy. She is determined to live an active, happy life well beyond here current 70 years of age!