Senior Living: Senior Safety At Home

The news is always filled with horror stories of crime targeting vulnerable populations, especially seniors. These crimes are not longer limited to large cities. Over the last ten years, crime rates have seen a dramatic increase in rural areas.  Seniors often feel helpless when it comes to protecting themselves against these acts of violence, but there are some important steps that can be taken to increase security. It is also important to realize that it does not have to cost a lot of money to become more secure.

olderseniorswalkingImportant Safety Tips For Seniors

To begin, it is essential to become familiar with neighbors. Having a friendship with the people who live close by is a great means of protection. Many seniors tend to become isolated from the public. This may be due to a changing neighborhood. Oftentimes, people move in and out on a regular basis. However, it is essential to make the effort to know who is living on the street. This will form a bond that will make others form a lookout for safety. People who know the neighborhood are more likely to receive help in cases of problems or danger. One great way to meet neighbors is to form a neighborhood watch committee.  This will help everyone get involved with the areas safety.

Seniors also need to be careful when it comes to opening the front door of the home. It is very common to hear stories about seniors who have let strangers into the home and have become violated.  Many criminals use false pretenses to enter the houses and target seniors with scams. These criminals are always uncovering new ways to scam people out of money or other items. Many times, a person will masquerade as a workman or company representative. Some people even pose as crime enforcement officials. This is why it is always best to ask for positive identification and verification of a scheduled visit. If a person is a scam artist, these tactics may scare the criminals away. It is never wise to let a stranger into the home without verifying positive identity.

In the same fashion, it is essential to use caution when hiring different people who will have access to the home as well. If yard work or other house repairs need to be done, it is important to research companies  before making a decision. It will be vital to speak with past clients, compare prices, and verify association memberships. This will assure that a homeowner hires a company that is properly regulated. A final step that is recommended is to meet the the management of the company. If this person seems trustworthy, it may be acceptable to begin a working relationship.

There are other things that a person can do for self protection and property protection. However, these may cost a bit of money. It is essential to be smart and not to place a price on safety. The least expensive option may seem the most cost effective, but may end up costing a fortune over the long haul. One of the cheapest things to do for home protection is to get a dog. A guard dog will not only keep the house safe. This animal will become a trusted companion. Dogs often deter criminals from targeting a home.

Another alternative may be buying a panic alarm. A burglar alarm will detect intruders, but a panic alarm will go even further. A panic alarm with direct connection to the local police may cost up to $700 for installation along with a monthly fee. However, with one touch of a button, a person will be kept safe. A button can be installed in every room of the home.  This is a sure way to feel peace of mind inside of the home at all times.

Security is very important, especially for seniors who have lower levels of defense. There are many ways to gain a larger peace of mind and live a happier life without worry. Security can also positively impact a person’s health. When a person is stressed, it may have negative impacts on health conditions. Having a good safety plan in place will help a person enjoy retirement years.

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