Senior Living: Scooters for Seniors – What You Need To Know Before Buying

There are a lot of things to think about when purchasing any of the many different models of scooters for seniors. Keep in mind that scooters are not for everybody, and they can be dangerous if used improperly.

What You Need To Know Before Buying A Scooter

You will need to know whether the scooter will be used primarily indoors, outdoors or both. The model you consider purchasing depends a great deal on where the senior plans to use it. For example, if it is primarily an indoor scooter, durability is of less concern and a motorize wheelchair may also be considered as an option. An indoor scooter only requires three wheels, one in front and two in back. When a scooter has a single lead wheel, it is easier to steer, and is also less heavy. For outdoors travel, a scooter is likely the best option. You will probably want to invest in a durable, four wheel model, especially if you will be using it on cracked sidewalks and to cross roads.

If you are not paying directly for the scooter and hope Medicare will pick-up the tab, you need to make sure your physician is prepared to back-up your claim of necessity with the proper paperwork. Many manufacturers and marketers claim that Medicare covers mobility scooters. However, without a physician’s recommendation and documentation, you won’t be reimbursed. Also, keep in mind that Medicare will only by 80% of the bill and you will need to pay the rest. Read more here: Medicare’s Wheelchair and Scooter Benefits.

If you are paying for the scooter out of pocket, you may want to think seriously about purchasing one that is used and reconditioned. Used scooters for sale are easily found on Craig’s List. For example, in a two-week period there were twenty scooters listed for sale in the Portland, Oregon area alone. Many senior owners of scooters keep them in mint condition.

For those individuals who plan to use their scooter out-of-doors they will need to think about how they are going to transport it. Larger grocery chains, department stores and other facilities supply mobility scooters for their customers that can’t navigate without this support, but there are some that don’t. Generally, scooters for seniors require transport via a mini-van. Furthermore, a strong body is needed to lift the chair in and out of the vehicle.  Van lifts are available, and can provide the solution to lifting the scooter from the vehicle. In any case, if you’re taking the scooter out and about, how you will transport it needs to be carefully considered. You may also need to have a ramp built to bring the scooter inside your house or storage shed (although some may find it more convenient to park it in a garage).

You will find scooters available in a very wide price range. On the low end you could spend $750, but you could also spend as much as $4,500. Features, durability and quality all impact on how much a senior scooter costs.

Although you can find product reviews for many models online, the reviews you read may not be bias free. Look for legitimate product reviews, ones that are written by consumers. Before finalizing the sale, keep in mind what consumers report for that make and model.

When purchasing a scooter it might be self-evident that comfort is essential. It may seem apparent, but an online purchase does complicate things. Scooters being sold online need local availability as well so that it can be tried out before being purchased. People come in a variety of shapes and sizes. When evaluating a scooter, take into consideration legroom and how the person using the scooter sits. Test drive because scooters are not a one size fits all. Keep in mind that you may test drive scooters locally, but still purchase one online if there is a significant savings by doing so.

All scooters manufactured for seniors have a maximum load weight. All the weight bearing stress that is placed on the scooter at any one time is known as the load weight. Overweight individuals, or scooter users carrying heavy objects, need to take load weight into consideration when evaluating their mobility options,

Sometimes senior scooters don’t have safety features and/or accessories that are needed by certain users and consumer and it’s possible to spend a great deal of money on a scooter and end up spending more on add-ons. You may think your purchase was a very good deal, only to discover the accessories bring the price over the more expensive model.  Make sure you know exactly what safety features and accessories are required.

Carefully read the warranty as well. Study it from top to bottom, and know what is included in the warranty and what is not before you make your purchase. Know what you are getting into!

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