Senior Living: Outsourcing House Work

For many seniors, one of the hardest aspects of getting older is realizing that tasks we used to take for granted start to become more challenging and time consuming. Often mundane tasks, like house cleaning, start to occupy more and more of our time. At a certain point, we need to ask ourselves if it isn’t time to consider “outsourcing” our house cleaning and other household chores.

This can especially challenging for those of us who have long taken pride in our cleaning ability or who value self-sufficiency. Hiring help for tasks we feel we should be doing ourselves – and often paying a pretty penny to do it – can be a hard pill to swallow, so to speak. I speak from personal experience. When my husband died, I decided to give myself a present by having an expensive and beautiful tiled shower installed in our home. It was one of those luxuries that I know my husband would have wanted me to enjoy after he left, and I loved it. But keeping the shower clean took quite a bit of effort, and when I became ill last year, my beloved shower became an embarrassment as I couldn’t keep up with the cleaning anymore. Instead of enjoying my morning showers, I started dreading them. I was in no shape to clean it (something I knew would take hours, as the condition of the shower got worse and worse). It was only after the encouragement of some family members that I finally decided to seek help by hiring a house cleaning company on Bainbridge Island to come and do a “Deep Cleaning” of my entire home.

I didn’t know how well they would clean the shower, given that the entire home needed quite a bit of cleaning by the time they arrived. A lovely crew of three women arrived with vacuums, green cleaning sprays and a lot of rags. In a matter of a few hours they literally transformed my house. But it was what they did with my shower that literally brought tears to my eyes. Once again it was restored to how I remember it when it was first finished. Beautiful tile, and a spot free glass shower door. It was easily the best $250 I have every spent in my life!

I’ve now hired them to come once a month to clean my home, and I’ve also realized that outsourcing housework if not a sign of weakness. It allows me to truly enjoy my “golden years”!

About Susan Day

Susan Day is a mother to two beautiful daughters and a grandmother to one adorable five year old boy. She is determined to live an active, happy life well beyond here current 70 years of age!

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