Senior Living: Creating Your Dream Home After Retirement

SONY DSCA Golden Years Project: Creating Your Dream Home

One of the many benefits of being retired is that you will have time to pursue dreams and life projects that you had set aside during your “working years.” Unlike many younger adults, seniors not only have more time to follow through with their plans but they are also less likely to start a project only to leave it partly finished creating a mess they have to live with because they have no free time to devote to cleaning it up.

In terms of creating your dream home: This is the time when you can put order back into your life and make sure your home is a comfortable place to live, recreate and entertain friends and family. You will not have to worry about picking up after your kids and if you have planned your finances correctly or work to save money while in retirement, you should also have some extra money to spend on home improvement projects.

Updating your home can be a fulfilling project that makes you feel like you have achieved something great. It can provide you with a sense of accomplishment and you can enjoy the results for years to come.

Home decorating is also a very creative enterprise. You can choose existing designs and make them your own by changing the colors and styles to suit your personal taste or you can create your own unique designs not seen anywhere else. Some people may feel more comfortable working with a professional designer to get ideas about what their creations should look like. If you have a sense of design, you can do the job without outside help and make it truly your own.

Tips For Success

Interior design magazines and various websites are great resources for gathering ideas for your home. The Internet is also a wonderful source for how to articles that will guide you step-by-step through various renovation projects. Thanks to advances in computer technology, you are living in a time when information is readily available through online sources and you should take advantage of it. Many websites have tons of information that will help you learn how to install a shower, lay a tile or paneled floor or hang drapes and curtain rails. You can also watch videos on YouTube and elsewhere, to see actual projects being done. Jobs requiring special tools and experience should be left to professionals with the proper training. This includes any work dealing with the plumbing or electrical system in the home.

The possibilities for redecorating your home are virtually endless and include everything from renovating an extra bedroom to constructing a cozy conservatory with views of your backyard. If you will be doing the work yourself, you should plan your projects carefully and devise a timetable. This will help you complete your projects without overexerting yourself and putting your health at risk.

Choose reasonable goals based on your physical health and try not to overdo it or you will put the project in jeopardy and have a difficult time achieving your desired goals. If you try to do too much all at once, you may pull a muscle or hurt your back, which will only serve to slow down your overall progress. If you have a reasonable timetable in place for each project, you can make adjustments along the way as necessary if you run into any problems while still making progress on the project. Always remember to factor in your physical limitations and realize that you can only do so much by yourself without the help of professionals who know what they are doing.

If your goals remain realistic, you will increase your odds of reaching them – and you will be able to fully enjoy the results of your efforts, hopefully for years to come!

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Susan Day is a mother to two beautiful daughters and a grandmother to one adorable five year old boy. She is determined to live an active, happy life well beyond here current 70 years of age!

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