Senior Living: Mobile Phones for Seniors – Tips and Advice

jitterbugplusThese days, many cell phone companies are creating more senior friendly mobile phones. Mobile phones for seniors are often quite different than those manufactured for a younger audience, as many seniors are more concerned with having a phone that’s easy to use and easy to hear, rather than downloading the latest ringtone.

Some Features Specific To Mobile Phones For Seniors

A clear display screen and a larger keypad are some of the things that seniors look for when shopping for a mobile phone. Some seniors also want a phone that is larger in size, making it easier to handle.

Some safety features which can help seniors who need medical assistance or other help are now built into cell phones, and these should be considered when choosing mobile phones for seniors. Samsung manufacture the Jitterbug J and the Jitterbug Plus, both of which feature a one touch panic button connected to a hospital or neighbor. Many users have benefited from the 24/7 call in feature to a doctor or nurse, which has literally been a lifesaver. If a senior becomes lost or is not reachable by phone, a built in GPS system can be invaluable, and the Samsung phones both features this device. many seniors lose or damage their phones, and seniors who purchase one of the Samsung phones can also subscribe to the Complete care package, which offers a replacement phone or roadside assistance.

Your local school and various public agencies may also be useful for anyone looking at mobile phones for seniors, as many offer classes aimed at seniors. These classes can basically teach an older person how to use a phone, and use the other useful extras such as the calendar, texting and voicemail.

There are various accessories that you may want to consider buying, which can help to make it even easier for a senior to use their new mobile phone. The phone can be attached to a wallet or a purse with a strong key clip, which means that it is easy to locate the phone and answer it when it rings. It’s harder to lose the phone if it has a brightly colored and easy to see phone cover too.

With some initial planning and research, even seniors can enjoy mobile phone technology and feel comfortable with it.

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