Senior Living: Finding Affordable Mobility Solutions For Seniors

Individuals with disabilities often are the most frustrated by the loss of freedom they experience, which prevents them from running routine errands and traveling for pleasure. They feel discouraged because they have to rely on family members and friends for transportation and assistance entering and exiting a vehicle. Ordinary vehicles do not have enough room or the right equipment to accommodate a scooter or wheelchair.  Stairs in houses pose dangers, and simply walking to the store can be a challenge.

Some Important Mobility Solutions for Seniors

Among the most popular mobility solutions for seniors are wheelchair van conversions with a lift, stair lifts, home elevators, wheelchair lifts and scooters.  When purchasing mobility products, it is necessary to receive instruction on how to safely operate the equipment, including seat transfers, hand controls and scooter or wheelchair lifts.

Consumers can choose any style and size wheelchair van depending on whether they prefer to drive a minivan, a sport utility vehicle or a full size van. All of these vehicles have special modifications allowing them to accommodate wheelchairs and offer mobility solutions for users.

Companies in most cities in the United States offer these vehicles for rent by the day, week or longer. A stair lift, or chair lift, is a device seniors can use to move from one level of the home to another without risking an injury caused by a fall. Stair lifts are available in a variety of models suitable for use with spiral, curved or straight staircases.

A basic lift for a straight stairway is more affordable than most consumers realize thanks to competition within the industry between the various manufacturers. A home elevator offers a solution for individuals who use wheelchairs and need to move freely around a house with more than one floor. These elevators have multiple safety features, including backup systems, phones, emergency alarms, handrails and emergency lights.

Seniors who find it difficult to walk long distances can move around easier with a mobility scooter. Since so many manufacturers are offering various makes and models, the prices for these products are lower than ever.

Individuals seeking good deals on any of these mobility solutions can search for used equipment at discount prices.

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