Senior Living: Choosing Senior Monitoring Systems – What You Need To Know

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911 Senior Guardian Alert System

Selecting the right type of senior monitoring systems and the best options that may be available for the elderly can help in ensuring their safety. There are different types of plans and devices that can be used for monitoring senior citizens, it is however very important to choose a plan and device that would specifically meet each individual’s needs.

Here are ten tips to help you determine what kind of senior monitoring system would be best for you or a loved one.

1. Determine The Type Of Device That Is Needed

Some of the devices that can be used as personal emergency response monitors can be attached to a wheelchair or may be worn on a belt, on the wrist or around the neck. For seniors with a risk of falling, you will need a monitoring device that can be activated without the use of phones. Most monitoring systems can be activated without phones and will typically notify a family member and/or some emergency response service on activation. You can also use a monitoring device that will let you know when a senior has the left the house etc, this will help you in determining when there is a deviation from the norm.

2. Plan For The Future As Well As The Present When Choosing a System

While a senior citizen may be able to use a device now, he/she may however not have such capabilities in a year’s time. You will therefore need a flexible contract that would allow you to modify your plan when you need to make some changes.

3. Determine How Much Coverage You Will Need

If a senior citizen enjoys doing some gardening for instance, you will need to ensure that the system/device that you select will cover the range or area that the senior is most likely to use for one or more activities.

4. Determine How Long You Will Need The Device

This may be a bit difficult to predict, of course, but ideally you should not sign up for a contract that will cover a longer period than you need.

5. Determine If The Monitoring System Is Transferable

You should also verify and confirm that your selected system and plan will continue to work even if the individual changes his/her residence or location.

6. Consider Whether You Will Need A Video Monitoring System

Sometimes a caregiver will need to monitor the individual and you need to evaluate the need for video in any monitoring system you select.

7. Consider Whether You Will Need A GPS Device

You may need a GPS tracking device too, if someone is at risk for getting lost.

8. Review The Cost Of The Contract And Set-Up Fees

You should always review carefully the set-up fee for the monitoring system you may want to use. You should also know what you are likely to be charged in case you need to cancel your contract early. You will need to know if there are any charges for false alarms too.

9. Be Sure To Compare The Prices And Features Of Different Plans In Your Area

The plans for different monitoring systems will generally vary. In the US, the Medicare program may not cover the cost of a senior monitoring system, most private insurance policies may also not cover it too, you will however need to confirm this with your insurance company.

10. Addition Important Questions To Ask

  •  Determine what their response time is.
  • Find out if they would be providing a guarantee on servicing, parts etc and if they would also be providing some technical support too.
  • Determine if the battery for your selected device is rechargeable.
  • Find out if you can get a waterproofed monitoring device.
  • Ask if they will provide you with a 24-hour and 7-days-a-week coverage.

Keep in mind that you will need to do some research on the company you would want to use in order to determine if they are a reputable senior monitoring systems provider or not.  However, given the expenses involved with some of these services, a little time spent up front will well be worth it!

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