Senior Health: Some Important Safety Features For Walk-In Bathtubs For Seniors

As a result of the increase in the number of senior citizens in the US, there has been an increase too, in the demand for walk-in bathtubs for seniors. Most manufactured bathtubs do not have the four important needed safety features, and you will need to look specifically for senior bathtub models.

The Four Important Safety Features Needed In Bathtubs For Seniors

walkinbathtubforseniorsIdeally, a senior walk-in bathtub will have an easy to open door that may be built into the side or the front of the bathtub. This will remove the need to climb over the tub and would also reduce the risk of falling too. The controls for the tub’s door should also be easy to use too without needing to exert a lot of force.

For the disabled and the elderly, rising up from a typical bathtub may be difficult even with some grab bars on the tub, since they would usually need to use most of their upper bodies’ strength to do this. So the walk-in bathtub should also have a built-in seat that can minimize the need to exert more strength/effort to rise, which can help the elderly in avoiding the possibility of getting trapped in the tub.

Older people tend to be more sensitive to changes in temperature and can be scalded if they are exposed to some very hot water. To reduce the risk of contacting a disease like Legionnaires however, bath water may generally need to be heated to some extent. A walk-in bathtub for the elderly should have an anti-scald valve in order to minimize the possibility of being scalded.

A final issue with bathtubs for seniors is the level of ease or difficulty with using their controls. The latch on the tub’s door, its faucets and drain controls should ideally be situated within some accessible distance that can be easily reached without too much effort.

Walk-in bathtubs for seniors or the disabled should ideally have or incorporate each one of these features in order to provide their users with a safe bathing experience. Fortunately, there are several senior bathtub models available online, in a wide range of prices.

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