Senior Health: Dental Implants For Missing Teeth

dental-implantsOne of the most common issues those of us who are over fifty-five struggle with is the loss of teeth and how to replace them. Although dentures have long been the standard method to replace lost teeth, dental implants are now becoming the preferred choice for many seniors. The advantages of dental implants are many, although they are a much more costly option. But for those looking for the look and feel of a real tooth and the ability to bite and chew foods like apples without worries, they are definitely the route to go.

Dental implants are superior to dentures because unlike the latter they actually replace the roots of teeth. This allows implants to have the look, feel and to function similarly to a natural tooth. In recent decades, millions of people have undergone dental implant surgery, and dental implants have literally revolutionized modern dentistry.

How They Work

Dental Implants are crafted from the same materials (a specially treated form of titanium) that is used for artificial knees and hip replacements, but in the case of an implant, a titanium root will be implanted into your jaw bone and used as an anchor for a crown, or in some cases, a bridge.

For a single tooth, the healing time between putting in the anchor and the crown is usually a two to three months period. Advanced CT scanning and “virtual surgery” is used by many surgeons these days to dramatically decrease the need for to graft bone. So if you were told at one time that you didn’t have enough bone for an implant, you may want to see if today that is still the case.

The loss of a tooth is a serious matter. Not only does it affect your ability to chew and even speak, but the loss of a tooth can also affect your bite, cause muscle pain in the jaws and increases the burden on existing teeth in your mouth. So if you or a friend you know wants the look and feel of real teeth to replace a missing tooth, dental implants are definitely an option to look at when considering a tooth replacement!

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Susan Day is a mother to two beautiful daughters and a grandmother to one adorable five year old boy. She is determined to live an active, happy life well beyond here current 70 years of age!