Senior Finance: How To Make The Most Of Your Shopping Trips

Shopping is an enjoyable hobby for individuals of all backgrounds and ages.  Whether it is because of the freedom of being able to select one’s own clothing, food, furniture or entertainment or the excitement of spending the money you have worked to earn, everyone seems to love to shop.  However, as people age, the experience often becomes more demanding and less fun than it was in the past.  Individuals sometimes find it more difficult to get around and may no longer enjoy the crowds.  For many seniors, shopping becomes much more challenging.  However it should not be seen as a chore.  It continues to offer a chance to take part in meaningful activities that make the most of your freedom.

Tips For Shopping Trips

1. Wear Sensible Shoes. Always choose comfortable shoes for your trek around the supermarket or favorite place to shop.  Choosing the wrong shoes can cause more pain than carrying heavy bags from on store to the next before heading back to your vehicle.  The neck and back are more vulnerable to problems due to aging, so take care of them if you plan to spend an active day walking and shopping.  No matter what you choose to wear on the rest of your body, be sure you invest in a quality pair of shoes.

2.  Use A Hand Cart. Whether shopping for groceries or other items, you are likely to note many fellow seniors using a mobile basket or hand cart in which they carry their purchases.  Although some rebel against this due to pride, the cart makes great sense.  It is possible to use the cart so items need not be carried around, but it offers a sturdy support that allows you to lean when feeling tired.  Most find a hand cart the most useful tool they take on any shopping trip.

3.  Bargain Hunt. Always take time to find the best price on an item.  Regardless of how good the deal may look, it is possible to find a better price somewhere else.  This can save the shopper money, but also allows the shopper to find other bargains available at stores where they might normally not go to shop.  Set a goal that you find the lowest available price regardless of what you are looking to purchase.

4.  Plan Your Trip In Advance. Try to shop in a logical, and not emotional, way.  Select the starting point of each trip to the stores in advance.  Perhaps you will choose to begin on one side of the street and work your way around to the other shops, ending at the supermarket so fresh foods can be brought home safely.  No mater how you make a plan, having one in hand helps to prevent losing sight of the day’s purpose and wasting unnecessary energy returning to cover ground that has already been visited once during the same day.

5.  Take Some Breaks. Whether you stop for coffee or other refreshment breaks can be an enjoyable part of the day.  Regular breaks help to restore energy before heading to another set of shops.  If shopping with a friend, this gives you a chance to visit, catch up on important events of life and to have some well earned rest.

Shopping offers a fun way to spend the day if done correctly.  If not, it can be tiring and a real chore, especially for seniors.  Remember also that shopping can offer some exercise, but do it right to avoid the stress associated with shopping.  Be sure that you are patient with yourself and others for the greatest enjoyment of your outing!

About Susan Day

Susan Day is a mother to two beautiful daughters and a grandmother to one adorable five year old boy. She is determined to live an active, happy life well beyond here current 70 years of age!