Senior Finance: Five Important Tips for Finding a Job After 60

seniorbusinessmanIf you are over sixty and looking for a new job or career, you may feel as if time is definitely against your side. Many seniors suspect employers may be discriminating against them because of their age when they are on the job market, although this is often very difficult to prove. Apparently many employers haven’t gotten the message that seniors are often more reliable and better to hire than younger workers.

Five Tips for Finding A Job After 60

Although you may feel like the odds are against you when on a job search, here are some tips to help improve your odds of getting a job.

1) Network. Seniors often have the most success finding jobs through their church or other local organizations. Let people know at your gym or library that you are looking for work, and connect with old friends and coworkers to see if they know of any employment opportunities. You can also sign up for workshops or classes in the field you are looking for work in.

2) Stay Active. Keep in shape, and let people know that you are healthy and fit to work!

3) Emphasize Your Strengths. During interviews, emphasize that with your age comes maturity and many important life skills. Play up your life experiences and other factors that younger workers will not be able to match you in during the interview process.

4) Make a Great First Impression. Keep in mind that first impressions do count for a lot during the job selection process, and make sure that your hair and dress are kept in tip top shape. Also, meet your interviewers with a firm handshake and always look them in the eyes!

5) Apply for the Right Jobs. There are many jobs and careers where maturity is a valuable asset. This includes jobs in libraries, where knowledge and information is key, and jobs in training – where your previous job experiences (and life experiences as well) will likely make you a much more desirable candidate compared to a younger competitor. Keep this in mind when thinking about what kind of job you would like to obtain.

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