Senior Living: Finding Love In Your Golden Years

Seniors In LoveAn Introduction To Senior Dating

One of the biggest barriers facing many seniors looking for love in their golden years are preconceived notions about seniors and romance. For many younger people, the idea of seniors dating is simply hard to accept. One of the biggest misconceptions shared by many about older people is that they are too old to date, or that they should have little interest in dating. However, these preconceived notions about seniors dating are starting to change. The Internet, in particular, has also made it much easier for seniors to meet that special someone. The news that even celebrities like Martha Stewart are exploring internet dating has definitely moved the senior dating scene more into the public view – and hopefully public acceptance. Love is definitely having a senior moment these days!

Everyone, regardless of age, should be able to date, find love and live a richly rewarding romantic life!

Still, one of the biggest obstacles facing many seniors who are interested in dating are their children, who may be wary of anyone else to try to take the place of a deceased or divorced mother or father or suspicious of the financial motives of a suitor. Many seniors find dating to be difficult or awkward because of the attitudes of their own children.

If you are interested in dating during your golden years, you may simply have to accept – and convey to your children – that you are free to move on and do as you like, and ultimately your children will need to accept this. If your children are suspicious about the financial motives of someone you are dating, suspecting they are trying to do is get their hands on any money that is “their money” as inheritance, you may want to assure them that their inherited assets will be secure (through a prenuptial agreement or similar).

Senior Dating in the Modern Age

Today there are now more options than ever for seniors who are interested in dating and meeting that special someone. Numerous online dating sites exclusively for seniors have become a popular option for many, and you should definitely consider at least browsing some profiles in your area to see the options available to you. However, you will also want to take precautions to protect your identity as well as you learn more about people you find online. Be smart and safe when dating online.

During your golden years, having a shared interest with someone is extremely important when it comes to the potential for romance and a more serious relationship. Senior dating is as much about companionship as it is about anything else, and finding someone with compatible interests will be a serious component of finding a fulfilling relationship.

Many seniors look upon dating as a sort of support network, and for that reason tend to form relationships with more than one person. If you have been happily married to the same person, perhaps for many years and they die, it is natural to feel that nobody can ever take the place of him or her. Because of this, dating or forming relationships with several different people is common, as each person often fulfills a specific role or function.

Sex and companionship are valuable components of anyone’s life, regardless of age. If you are a senior, you need to understand that it is your choice to date or not to date, although you may get some objections from your children for the reasons mentioned above. Ultimately, it is up to you what you do with your life, and to make sure it is rich, rewarding and fulfilling.

Senior Living: Some Pros and Cons of Working Into Your Later Years

businessmanMany younger adults are under the impression that life as a retiree will be a bed of roses, but many educated seniors will tell you that is not necessarily so. People from all over the world are finding that they have to remain in work until they are seventy or older. The reasons they need to do so vary. Some prefer to keep working well past standard retirement age because it offers them some form of social life or they find the work therapeutic. But increasingly there are financial reason forcing seniors to work past their desired retirement age as well.

Challenges and Rewards of Senior Employment

If you are considering working into your seventies (or beyond) there are some steps you should take to make sure that you can do this in a healthy manner. This should start with getting regular physical exams and discussing your work plans with your general practitioner. Some jobs may be more physically taxing than others, while there also may be some physical benefits to remaining active in your job as well.

Senior employment has been the subject of much debate. Some seniors have claimed that they have encountered age discrimination in the work place. Some employers may be reluctant to employ seniors, feeling that a younger person will do the job much better. However, repeated studies by organizations such as the National Council on Aging have shown this is not the case. Seniors are actually more reliable than younger people for most occupations and have better rates of job satisfaction. Older people are also far less likely to walk out of a job or to phone in sick.  Many states now outlaw discrimination against seniors and senior employment are continually changing. You should be aware of what the laws are in your state.

Older people who are actively seeking senior employment (part-time or full-time) could approach the employment agencies that find work specifically for seniors. Some educated employers will go directly to these groups who have job vacancies because they are happy to employ reliable seniors.

Senior employment can offer many benefits including keeping you sharp mentally, physically active and financially sound. Challenges include facing age discrimination in the work place and health challenges. Not every one is ready for retirement come age 65, and increasingly more and more seniors are choosing to remain employed well into their 70s and beyond!